Welcome Messages 2022

Thomas Schultze

Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Toronto

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to this special edition presenting the fantastic line-up for the fourth German Technology Day! I have been a staunch supporter of this extremely important initiative from the very beginning. During my entire diplomatic career I have never ceased to be impressed by the ingenuity of the German Mittelstand. Many of these are medium-sized enterprises, some from quite small towns throughout Germany. They have managed to become world leaders in their respective fields through innovative thinking and technical expertise. That is precisely why this event that started in 2019 with only four exhibitors managed to attract 130 visitors right from the start, and has grown almost threefold during the pandemic! As you will see over the following pages, we are expecting 15 exhibitors this year: The crème de la crème of Industry 4.0, some of them even direct competitors working together to showcase the excellence of German Automation to a North American Audience. Needless to say, we will have a fantastic event this year and I cannot wait to welcome you there!

My very special thanks to my dear friend Andreas Sobotta, who brought this event to life and has grown it beyond any expectations over the last four years!     

Germany's Ambassador to Canada

A warm welcome to all participants of German Technology Day 2022!

As we gather for the forth event of this kind we can already call it a tradition! I am very grateful to Andreas Sobotta of Pilz and his colleagues at EPLAN, Ritz and Wago for initiating this yearly conference in April 2018. Since then, it has evolved into the exhibition of the best of German technology for industrial automation and advanced manufacturing in Canada.

Small and medium companies are the backbone of our economy. Many are world champions because they realise that by joining forces they achieve better results on the Canadian market. This year, fifteen prominent companies are hosting the annual German Technology Day. This is a new record and a great example of cooperation and collaboration.

I am convinced that, in 2022, the German Technology Day will profit from the new dynamics in German- Canadian relations created by the recent visit of Chancellor Scholz to Canada. Plus, it is finally back as a full in-person event. Participants in Toronto as well as in Montreal will have the chance to visit an impressive trade show and discuss various aspects of the future of automation. I thank the organisers and wish you all a very successful event!

Yvonne Denz

President, Canadian German Chamber of industry and Commerce

Germany has a long history as a leader in innovation, from cars and consumer goods to industrial machinery and construction equipment. Germans are known for their attention to detail when it comes to creating quality products and have used this reputation to develop some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies available today.

With the Canadian manufacturing industry continuing to grow, it’s important for businesses to invest in the right technologies. As one of the most advanced manufacturing countries in the world, Germany has been at the forefront of automation technology for decades.

Consider German automation technology for your company – as leaders in this field for decades, they have continued to innovate with cutting-edge solutions that make their products some of the best on the market.

To understand the quality and innovative designs that Germany offers, we invite you to attend the fourth annual German Technology Day on October 20, 2022, at Humber College in Toronto. Discover the best in German automation and advanced manufacturing in Canada with 15 prominent companies hosting and showing off their industry-leading and energy-efficient solutions.

This event is free to attend and features an exhibition hall full of the latest solutions and technology, and live industry breakout sessions discussing this year’s theme of The Future of Automation: Digital, Sustainable & Connected.